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The Broker

JFC Funding, LLC is an experienced New Jersey mortgage broker serving the lending needs of individual homeowners, investors and real estate professionals. Acting as a broker allows our lending team to access a large number of banking institutions so we can find the right loan for your individual situation. This also allows us to find the best terms, which include both rate and cost.

Working with the “bigger” banks is not always the answer. These institutions hold higher rejection rates, and at times, lack knowledge and experience. They simply cannot provide the educational experience and customer service that JFC Funding, LLC is able to offer. Borrowers need dedicated loan specialists available around the clock that have market knowledge and expertise.

Working with a broker will also ensure that your loan application is processed in a timely fashion. Some of the larger institutions could take two to three times the amount of time to process and close your loan application. This is due to the volume they experience and lack of customer service. You need a dedicated resource to get you to the closing table in an efficient manner.

JFC’s process flow provides proven results. Processing and closing mortgage applications is what we do for a living. JFC Funding, LLC follows market trends and understands a plethora of loan products. This expertise ensures a smooth selection process that leads to a stress free closing.